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Part of the ACIM Family Australia
We are about coming together and joining in a common purpose of Awakening to the Truth of Who we are.
This is experienced through the means of forgiveness as described in A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is used as the foundational teaching from which we learn how to undo the minds' false belief in separation from God (Love).
Using all relationships  and our daily living circumstances as a backdrop or class room to expose our  false beliefs and self concepts, we learn to recognise them as unreal and with the Holy Spirit/Higher Self, forgive and release them. Through this process of forgiveness the guilt and fear that is buried deep within our minds is undone allowing the natural presence of love to be our experience in awareness.

Using the symbol of family, we come together to share our thoughts and feelings so as not to keep them pushed down and buried under a veil of denial. A safe and trusting enviroment is provided for this exposing of the ego, allowing each person to go as deep as they feel willing to go. We see each other as mighty companions and reflections of our OneSelf remembering that what we see in another we are always seeing in ourselves.

Most weekends, usually on a Saturday night, those who can make it get together bringing a meal to share and a willingness to let go of "private thoughts" and "people pleasing" tactics. This makes for a wonderful and sometimes lively healing experience - never a 'dull' moment!
Movies and movie clips are sometimes played and used as a means for mind watching purposes as emotions arise and are traced back to the underlying thoughts and beliefs. This is very helpful with mighty companions along side and can be a gentle and fun way of recognising and undoing the ego's insane thought system.

Family companions also get together for BBQ's, push bike and motor bike rides, free form dance nights, acim readings, beach outings, camping trips and healing retreats
. Kids are welcome for activities which are suitable for them.

All these seeming activities can be used by the Holy Spirit as a backdrop for healing our guilt when given that purpose. It is the collective intention of the Family of Awakening Mind to hold salvation / healing as the Only Purpose.

The ACIM Family Australia - Living A Course in Miracles - has all it's mighty companions on a group email list where people can openly share any "stuff" that is going on for them, express any wonderful insights or helpful thoughts they may have.

Upcoming Gatherings & Retreats/Events are firstly advised via email, then all information and details are posted on this website under Events Calendar.

Everyone is welcome to join and share with us on this delighful journey of remembering our True Self.
If you feel called and inspired to join us then contact any of the family (see contacts page) and you can be included on the family group email list. You can also contact David or Danielle if you would like to be included on this website and/or send a photo to be added to our photo gallery.


acim family australia