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The Messengers of Peace live simple devotional lives, hosting retreats and travelling where invited to share practical gatherings that inspire and bless all who seek peace of mind and enlightenment. The Messengers of Peace are dedicated to the complete awakening from the dream of separation, as such they are devoted to experiencing the Peace of God.

Acknowledging that truth is within the Mind, the Messengers of Peace offer an invitation to engage in the intention of uncovering the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of Love’s presence. The wrong mind (ego) is simply a faulty choice. Yet, who chooses the ego unless, unrecognized, it seems to offer something of value? Therefore, unveiling the content of "ego-thinking" and seeing that the ego offers nothing of value is essential to choosing peace. David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego’s thought system and the Holy Spirit’s purpose of forgiveness, so that the decision for the Holy Spirit can be made plain. The purpose of these gatherings remains unchanged – learning the Holy Spirit’s purpose of forgiveness and awakening to the peace, happiness and freedom that is Reality.


Introduction to the Living Church Ministries Mystical Mind Training Program

Jesus fulfilled the Law in the sense that he gave it its full meaning. He emphasized its deep, underlying principles and total commitment to it rather than mere external acknowledgment and obedience. We follow his lead and turn to his living demonstration of single-mindedness, forgiveness, and devotion to God.

The MMT Program is comprehensive and structured. It will involve both study and practical application to develop a sound understanding of the metaphysics and teachings, and to develop the ability to demonstrate and teach/share the ideas. It is a curriculum in purification and inner discipline, and it is for those who have a sincere desire to awaken, using Christ’s teachings.

If you feel a strong call to participate in the Mystical Mind Training Program, please contact Kirsten by email [email protected] or telephone ph: 513-253-0020

We are the Living church. Being the demonstration of God’s love and peace is our service to the world.
acim family australia